Regeneration in Zoology

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Regeneration in Zoology represents the reproduction or natural restoration of parts of the body, whether external or internal, lost by injury. This power of regeneration is mostly manifested in the animals of the simplest organization and in those   animals which are mostly exposed to serious mutilation and decreases in a  varying scale as organisms become more and more complex until in higher vertebrates(expect Lizards) it is limited to healing  of wounds. In lowest animals such as protozoans, Coelenterates, echinoderms and worms the power of regeneration is of great importance .Among crustaceans in some groups the regenerative property is very eminent and among the vertebrates it is confined mainly to amphibians and lizards. In echinoderms regeneration is most distinct in the starfishes. In Amphibians especially Salamanders and the young frogs suffer greatly from mutilation while catching by enemies their tail or limb may lose during the escape mechanism this can be regenerated further. Salamanders are particularly subjected to loss of their long tails, these lost hands and tails are restored in the course of three or four months .In the case of Lacertian, Ghettosauridae and also Anguidae, they reproduce a caudal Scaling according to their type .Injured or broken –off tails are often reproduced double or even trifid.In the case of turtles they will mend their shell or in some cases they able to reproduce a plate which is completely lost. Epimorphosis is defined as the regeneration due to lost parts .The development of the entire organism from a small part of the old body is called Morphallaxis.The term compensatory hypertrophy is defined as increase in the size of an organ or part of an organ or tissue which performs the work of a destroyed tissue or of a paired organ.

  • In Metazoans by Compensatory hypertrophy
  • In vertebrates by Epimorphosis and Morphallaxis
  • In Invertebrates by asexual reproduction .
  • Factors controlling the regeneration(Ex:Nervuos system , Animal Size)

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