Veterinary Parasitology

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            Veterinary parasitology is the study deals with animal parasites; it is a relationship between parasites and animal hosts.Veterinary parasitologists study the genesis and development of parasites in hosts, as well as the taxonomy and systematics of parasites, including the morphology, life cycles, and living needs of parasites in the environment and in animal hosts. The major goal of veterinary parasitology is to protect animals and improve their health, but because a number of animal parasites are transmitted to humans, it is also important for public health. Veterinary protozoology is the study of protozoa that cause disease in animals. The following are the few examples of protozoan parasites Trypanosoma brucei, Trypanosoma equiperdum, Leishmania donovani, Leishmania infantum. Veterinary helminthology is the study of helminths (parasitic worms) that cause disease in animals. Veterinary entomology is the study of insects that cause disease or that are vectors of organisms that cause disease in animals.veterniary Nematology is the study of nematodes that cause diseases in animals.

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